Note: due to heavy access of the video page (thanks Duncan...) I've had to suspend access to the coinclip video for a bit. It should be up again soon, if you _really_ want to see it drop me a mail. Sorry about that, Ian

The coin routine. This is a clip from the Magic Show, encoded into Windows Media format. The file is 2.7Mb, and I complied it for connection speeds of over 128Kbps (dual channel ISDN). This was the best trade off between size and quality. If you have a slower connection, or would like repeat viewings you could download the file by right clicking on it and selecting 'Save target as' in IE or holding the shift key while clicking on the link in Netscape.

Users that cannot view wmv files but still would like to watch the clip drop me a line through the contacts page and I'll try to get a CDROM with mpeg files (which are too large for the web)

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